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Professional vs. Amateur

A Kelowna Wedding Photographer ‘s opinion.

Is YOUR home picture-poor?

Shocking Truth! Anyone can press the button on a camera. The millions of wedding guests per year who bring along their shiny, new pocket digital, or trusty disposable cameras have proved it. The question is just how good are those photos? And what exactly are your memories worth?

Keep in mind that you are paying for a professional photographer’s training, time, skill, creativity, experience, personality, and brand image. Too many people forget the many thousands of hours that a photographer has spent honing their craft, and the tens of thousands of dollars in state of the art, professional equipment they have invested in. They have worked hard at acquiring the necessary skills to capture your most important day with the artistry it deserves. Their vision for your day will literally be transformed into a physical and tangible thing which will be a part of your lives for ever and ever… your wedding album.

I can tell you from years of experience that people who are truly ecstatic with their wedding photos never feel they paid too much for them. Unfortunately, there are lots of people that spent too much money on centerpieces and too little on their wedding photographer, and they are now forced to live, for the rest of their lives, with a very mediocre representation of a truly magical and once in a lifetime event. In the wedding photography business you truly do get what you pay for. I would love a chance to be your Okanagan professional wedding photographer.

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Wedded Bliss Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others.