"Inspired By This; Wedding Insight" Features our Photos from our Engagement Session with Jillian & Ed!

I continue to be honored by the number of comments and requests I receive on a daily basis for information and kudos on the Engagement Session we did with Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.

Yesterday I was super excited to be involved in a telephone call with Jillian and Leila Khalil of Be Inspired, a Wedding Specialist in LA. This fantastic blog and website features all things wonderful for those planning a Wedding and looking for inspiration. Leila wanted to interview Jillian to find out about all the exciting details she can spill on her and Ed’s upcoming Wedding plans and to find out the inspiration behind our Engagement shoot.
To read about all the delightful tidbits Leila was able to find out from Jillian check out Be Inspired’s “Real Wedding Wednesday: ABC’s Bachelorette Jillian Harris Engagement Photo Shoot”
Thanks to Jillian for this particularly sweet comment from the interview:
How did they choose their engagement session photographer and what was the inspiration behind the shoot?

“Wedded Bliss was always sweet and supportive of me back when I was on The Bachelor with Jason. I’ve loved her work and knew I wanted something both artistic and outdoors.” Winter is Jillian’s favorite time of year and being outside in the beautiful backdrop at home in Canada was the perfect setting.


  1. JCsays:

    Awww. Those are such adorable photos!

  2. stacysays:

    they are so cute! love the insight into her wedding. Jillian was my favorite

  3. super cute! i love the ones of them in the car with the hot chocolate too :)

  4. cortsays:

    I love Jillian and Ed! and all her charity stuff she does too. how gorgeous are they in the fall leaves?

  5. Jessicasays:

    I LOOOOOOOVE Jillian! Here and Ed are adorable!
    Thanks so much for posting this, I can’t wait to read more about her wedding!! You better keep us updated if you hear anything else :)

    1. OMG! These Engagement Photos are absolutely amazing and so cute! I love the unique shots and how they captured the couple’s personality and adoration for each other.

    2. Good for them! I’m glad they are doing well after a rough start! What fun and beautiful photos. Thanks for the fun story!

    3. THese are super sweet.

    4. Deneitrasays:

      Gorgeous engagement photos! They look really happy, good for them. :)

    5. margaretsays:

      Jillian and Ed… love the pictures.. Renee you did an amazing job!

    6. Mariansays:

      Wishing this happy couple the best! The photos show their love for each other.

    7. Alexissays:

      I saw this on Jillian’s twitter and HAD to come check this out. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Jillian, if you’re reading this I’m a big fan!

      1. Great pix! My favorites are the top one, the bottom one, and the one of Ed in the long black overcoat.
        Jillian is totally the best Bachelorette ever, and I wish she’d come back to TV again, somehow, somewhere! (Ed making comments in the background wouldn’t be bad, either.)

      2. Rachelsays:

        These are gorgeous pictures!!!

      3. jensays:

        can we talk about how cute she is in those boots and beanie?? omg. Love her in them. Ed’s not half bad either :)

      4. Christiasays:

        Great interview with Jillian! They look so happy and natural in the photos- which is always great to see for engagement photos. Beautiful colors too- love the lighting and editing!

      5. Ashleysays:

        So cute! Jillian looks great!

      6. Lorisays:

        Such beautiful, natural pictures! I love how they capture the uniqueness of Jillian and Ed. You get a real sense of who they are and what they enjoy. Wedded Bliss did a great job.

        Enjoyed reading the blog as I liked learning all the background information. Thanks for the interview with Jillian.

      7. Bethsays:

        Ok, I have to comment because this is just too crazy! I randomly googled “Jillian Harris Wedding Engagement” today becuase I was just curious about what her plans are (I watched her on the Bachelorette). This was the first site that popped up and I saw this post was only posted today! I guess my celeb radar is pretty accurate!

        ANYWAY, love love love the pictures! I echo everyone else – the lighting, editing and coloring is fantastic! You can obviously tell how in looooove they are ;)

      8. Beccasays:

        Im such a fan Jillian and Ed and now I can totally relate to you as a bride to be too. Im getting married in November! Love the pictures- so talented.

      9. Marysays:

        Love, love, love the pics. I absolutely enjoyed watching the Bachelorette and the journey you both took to find your way to one another. Such a true love story. Makes me very optimistic that I will find my true love at the appropriate time in my life. Again thank you for sharing this with all of us.

      10. Courtneysays:

        Adorable set of engagement shots.

      11. Kelleesays:

        So i’m totally obsessed with these pics! Adorable and so lovely! Jillian and Ed are a gorgeous couple and look so happy.
        So cool that you were able to get the scoop on her wedding plans and life after Bachelorette! :)

      12. PMsays:

        Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous couple, love you guys!

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