My First Wedding

Every photographer has nightmares the night before they photograph their first Wedding. I hardly slept.
I remember tossing and turning and waiting for it to get light to see if it was going to be a sunny or rainy day. I was terrified! Would I be able to handle the lighting conditions in the church, would I think of enough poses….more importantly would it LOOK like it was my first wedding?!?!
I LOVE my job, I am passionate about my job…and I should probably stop referring to it as my job. Rather it is my calling and I have the photos to prove it.
It’s amazing to me, as I watch our son Jack, that already in his tiny little soul, he is formulating his life’s work. His soul is discovering what makes him feel ALIVE…and those passions will be there for a lifetime.
I was only 11 years old…when I created these images. I planned the ceremony, reception, vows and where they’d go on a honeymoon for days….and then I took some pictures.
I may have gone down a different career path for nine years before becoming a professional photographer…but my soul always knew what it needed to feel ALIVE! I was destined to be a Wedding Photographer.
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