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Creating stunning Okanagan Wedding Photography, is a passion for me.  Today, I asked Adorn Inviations; passionate about creating stunning invitations for your big day, about some of the mistakes to avoid when creating your dream Wedding.

4  Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Once that question is popped – it seems as if all women immediately start the process of dreaming up their big day. Some keep a scrapbook of wedding ideas; others collect magazines, while a large number even have glorious Pinterest boards filled with lace and nifty DIY ideas. However – it generally isn’t long until brides fall out of that tulle and ruffled cloud of bliss and start to realize just how complicated this planning process might get! That’s why our friends at Adorn Invitations have put together this easy infographic to help you plan the big day from the moment he asks “Will you” to the moment you say “I do.”


They’ve also put together their biggest DON’T’s, so pay attention ladies!
1. Inviting People to Engagement Parties or Bridal Showers, but not Inviting them to the Wedding

Who would invite people to her engagement party or bridal shower, but not invite them to the wedding? While it sounds impossible, some may have already done this intentionally or unintentionally as ploy to cut down on actual wedding guests or even receive more gifts. Unless you want to appear tacky, make sure that you also send a wedding invitation, or an ‘invite to follow’ notice when sending out an engagement or bridal shower cards to anyone.

2. Keep a Plus One Policy

Should you single out your still single friends or family members? If you don’t want to do that, then be consistent with your plus one policy. Even if you are planning on a budget, your single guests should have the option of bringing a date, unless you plan to forcibly pair up all the single guests with each other. A wedding celebration is enough to remind them that they are still without a lifelong partner, so telling them directly that they can’t bring a date won’t always sit well with them. Let your single guests know that they have a plus one by indicating this in the wedding invitation.

3. Get Carried Away

Yes, you will find plenty of wedding inspiration on Pinterest and yes, you will need all the ideas you can get. However, too much inspiration can leave you overwhelmed, confused and in tears. If an intimate rustic wedding is what you truly want, but you are drawn to a lavish wedding idea, you need to start planning from the beginning all over again. Not everything you find on Pinterest is realistic for weddings on a budget, so don’t get carried away!

4. Order Your Wedding Invitations and Stationery at the Last Minute

A problem we have noticed at Adorn Invitations is that brides tend to order their invitations when they have at least 2 or 3 weeks left to their big day. As a result, they end up sending invites late and getting RSVP responses at the last minute, causing problems with the seating plan, plus ones, caterer, etc. You don’t want to end up with plenty of food and a lack of guests, or so many guests and lack of seats, food and drinks. To avoid this, order and mail out your invitations 2 to 3 months away from the wedding date, then ask for RSVP’s 3 weeks before the big day.

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