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My Kelowna Wedding Photographer Professional advise:

Let’s be honest ladies. We all dream about our Wedding day as a day to not only pledge our love to our soon to be husband…but to look like we’re fashion ready for the cover of Vogue.
It’s okay to want that. You should feel sexy and glamorous on your Wedding day! Now the problem is finding a professional wedding photographer who can invoke that passion and sizzle.
Enjoying the company of your photographer and knowing you can completely trust them is critical. After all, the relationship you have with your professional wedding photographer is the most important of all your wedding vendors. You will spend more time with them than any other vendor and their vision for your day can make the difference between mediocre or “Wow”.
The challenge of any good photographer is to elicit the best from you and your fiancé. As beautiful as you are, they can make you shine brighter with some direction. The more you enjoy and respond to their direction, the more beautiful you will look.

You may think that chemistry happens naturally, but many clients feel nervous at a photo session. Find out if a complimentary Free Engagement Session is included in your package. This will help you ease any anxiety and help you in understanding how you will all work together. It will make all the difference on your Wedding day.
To find a photographer who will not only want to meet your expectations but to exceed them, start evaluating them from your first correspondence. Are they easy to get a hold via email or phone and do they answer your questions in a professional and timely manner? During the interview process do you feel at ease around them and can you see yourself working with them for up to 14 hours on your Wedding day?
Browse as many photographers’ websites as you can to see whose work excites you. Do their images radiate emotion and energy and have the glamorous feel you crave?
A photographer who has a professional degree and is continuously improving their artistry, will have a portfolio of work where the images appear effortless. You don’t notice the fancy Photoshop techniques; you see the couple. Note if they have they won awards and who has hired them. Having photographed someone noteworthy such as a celebrity or professional athlete says they’ve got coveted skills and know how to make clients look their best.
When someone suggests your uncle can photograph your Wedding with his new camera…you’ve got to know his “point and shoot” won’t capture you looking your most beautiful. A professional photographer has invested tens of thousands of dollars in professional gear and countless hours of training. Make peace with the fact that you’ll invest a minimum of 10 percent (or more) of your Wedding budget into hiring a professional wedding photographer. That can easily run between $2,500 and $6,500 depending on the photographer and the package you chose.
Ask if the photographer you are contemplating hiring offers financing. That way you don’t end up hiring a photographer based solely on price. What problem would you prefer? Seeing your photos and disliking them or looking better than you ever dreamed possible?
A Wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience. Finding a photographer who captures it more beautifully than you ever thought possible is worth more than anything else on your day. For generations to come, it’s the photos that will tell the story of your magical fairytale. Find a professional wedding photographer who will make them sizzle!


Wedded Bliss Photography Specializes in wedding and engagement photography
in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid
Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium
Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others.
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