• "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

As an Okanagan Wedding Photographer, I love the amazing opportunities I have to work all over this beautiful valley, but also to meet clients from all over BC, Alberta and beyond. So many couples choose to have their wedding as a destination wedding in the gorgeous Okanagan Valley because they either have family living here or they have vacationed here before and fell in love with its beautiful scenery.

For Cassie and Andrew, who are getting married at the beautiful Silver Star Mountain Resort in July, it is a bit of both.

Cassie has parents in Kamloops and a grandpa in Vernon so it was the perfect location. Having only ever spoken on the phone to Cassie (as they live in Grande Prairie), it was so lovely to finally meet them in person. They were visiting Cassie’s parents over Christmas and wanted to make a trip to Vernon to visit Grandpa so it was the perfect chance to get together.

On Christmas day, my one request of my husband, was that he we go as a family for a winter walk. Living close to the BX Ranch Dog Park, we thought it would be perfect. It was so magical, that I knew I had to take Cassie and Andrew there. Not only is it a joyous location because of all the dogs, but the trails meander and wind through the woods, along BX Creek. And with the especially cold temperature we have been having (thankfully not during their session although they are pros at doing -40) there was so much gorgeous ice too.

Cassie and Andrew are such a sweet couple. Although feeling a little apprehensive about being in front of the camera, Andrew never complained or grumbled. He just had fun with Cassie and made sure to fix his eyes on his love.

Kate and I can’t wait to photograph their summer Wedding and look forward to getting to know them more over the coming months as the countdown begins to July!



Vendors List

Photography : Wedded Bliss Photography

Caterer: 1609 Restaurant

Ceremony Site: Silver Star Mountain Resort

Reception Venue: Vance Creek Hotel & Conference Centre

Dress: Viva Bridal

Wedded Bliss Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others.

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Wedding Photography in Vernon takes me to some pretty spectacular locations for Weddings.  This summer however, Kate and I were thrilled when we were able to photography Stephanie and Justen‘s incredible Wedding at Sparkling Hill Resort and Lone Pine Ranch.  It has become one of our favourite venues in the Okanagan.  We also couldn’t say enough kind words about Lone Pine Ranch’s Facility Director, Dee Cristante.  She is absolutely incredible to work with!

When Dee emailed me and asked if I could come up to Lone Pine Ranch to capture some of it’s Christmas charm, I was honoured she would choose me, out of all the Wedding photographers she works with, to capture it’s warm and inviting atmosphere.  It would be an incredible location for a Winter Wedding or Office Christmas party.

I also wanted my brides and grooms to know a little bit more about Dee and what makes Lone Pine such a spectacular venue to get married.  Check out some of her great answers to my questions at the bottom of the page!



•Who inspires you?

Hilary Clinton

•How did you get started in hosting Weddings at your ranch?
35 years in the hospitality industry coupled with the project of transforming my own heritage barn in Langley into a wedding destination sensation, prepared me for the mighty challenge in making this dream a reality. The plan was already in the making before Lone Pine came along. I was just weeks away from presenting my wedding business plan to a secondary location in the Predator Ridge area. Due to a mysterious divine intervention, I just happened to stumble upon the ranch owner from Lone Pine who shared in my vision to re-create “western” style events in the region. It wasn’t long after that chance encounter that negotiations were finalized and renovations were underway. On May 8, 2016 Lone Pine Ranch Event Centre officially opened it’s gates to the public for the first “Shot Gun” wedding. The beautifully transformed show barn is now making wedding and event history…………..

•Where can people find your business on Facebook?

Lone Pine Ranch Event Centre


•What qualities do you feel that your business exemplifies?

Country elegance with 5-star service in a relaxed ranch atmosphere.


*Dee Cristante l Facility Director*


Vernon, BC

Office: (250) 307.5655

Website: www.lonepineranchbc.com

Located near Predator Ridge Golf Course and Sparkling Hill Resort


 Wedded Bliss Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others and is a does Wedding Photography in Vernon.

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Creating stunning Okanagan Wedding Photography, is a passion for me.  Today, I asked Adorn Inviations; passionate about creating stunning invitations for your big day, about some of the mistakes to avoid when creating your dream Wedding.

4  Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Once that question is popped – it seems as if all women immediately start the process of dreaming up their big day. Some keep a scrapbook of wedding ideas; others collect magazines, while a large number even have glorious Pinterest boards filled with lace and nifty DIY ideas. However – it generally isn’t long until brides fall out of that tulle and ruffled cloud of bliss and start to realize just how complicated this planning process might get! That’s why our friends at Adorn Invitations have put together this easy infographic to help you plan the big day from the moment he asks “Will you” to the moment you say “I do.”


They’ve also put together their biggest DON’T’s, so pay attention ladies!
1. Inviting People to Engagement Parties or Bridal Showers, but not Inviting them to the Wedding

Who would invite people to her engagement party or bridal shower, but not invite them to the wedding? While it sounds impossible, some may have already done this intentionally or unintentionally as ploy to cut down on actual wedding guests or even receive more gifts. Unless you want to appear tacky, make sure that you also send a wedding invitation, or an ‘invite to follow’ notice when sending out an engagement or bridal shower cards to anyone.

2. Keep a Plus One Policy

Should you single out your still single friends or family members? If you don’t want to do that, then be consistent with your plus one policy. Even if you are planning on a budget, your single guests should have the option of bringing a date, unless you plan to forcibly pair up all the single guests with each other. A wedding celebration is enough to remind them that they are still without a lifelong partner, so telling them directly that they can’t bring a date won’t always sit well with them. Let your single guests know that they have a plus one by indicating this in the wedding invitation.

3. Get Carried Away

Yes, you will find plenty of wedding inspiration on Pinterest and yes, you will need all the ideas you can get. However, too much inspiration can leave you overwhelmed, confused and in tears. If an intimate rustic wedding is what you truly want, but you are drawn to a lavish wedding idea, you need to start planning from the beginning all over again. Not everything you find on Pinterest is realistic for weddings on a budget, so don’t get carried away!

4. Order Your Wedding Invitations and Stationery at the Last Minute

A problem we have noticed at Adorn Invitations is that brides tend to order their invitations when they have at least 2 or 3 weeks left to their big day. As a result, they end up sending invites late and getting RSVP responses at the last minute, causing problems with the seating plan, plus ones, caterer, etc. You don’t want to end up with plenty of food and a lack of guests, or so many guests and lack of seats, food and drinks. To avoid this, order and mail out your invitations 2 to 3 months away from the wedding date, then ask for RSVP’s 3 weeks before the big day.

Wedded Bliss Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others.

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As Kelowna Wedding Photographers, there is nothing more exciting that a crisp fall day at Summerhill Pyramid Winery with a gorgeous couple. And the excitement that Jordan and Danika took into their day was infectious.

Both Kate and I agree that Danika was the most joyous brides we’ve ever worked with (and we’ve worked with a lot of bursting at the seams excited ladies)!

Being friends with Danika on facebook, I saw one of her posts that really stuck with me. And it goes to show how deeply in love she is with Jordan and how he is the one for her.

“Today marks exactly 30 days until I get to marry the most incredible man I have ever met. I am sharing this on FB because what I really want to do is run around the streets screaming ‘I found the one! And he’s better than anyone could imagine and he chose to marry me! I’m the luckiest girl in the world!’ But unfortunately I don’t think society would accept this. So my only form of expressing my excitement to the world is to scream it out loud on Facebook.”

You can see how deeply moved, excited and over the moon excited she was to have her Wedding day finally her in every image.

Their deeply moving Wedding was officiated by Jordan’s dad. It brought a beautiful element of family, faith and love to the ceremony. It even had Kate and I pushing back tears! And their vow exchange was one of the sweetest, most heart expanding vows I’ve heard.

It was the most perfect of days to celebrate Jordan and Danika finding one another and celebrating this new journey they will be on as Mr. and Mrs. We wish them a world of happiness and we know you are having a fabulous honeymoon in Greece!




Make-up: Makeup Artistry By Miranda, Kelowna

Caterer: Sunset Bistro, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Kelowna

Rings: Brilliant Earth

Ceremony & Reception Venue-Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Kelowna

Photography-Wedded Bliss Photography

Wedded Bliss Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others, and are Kelowna Wedding Photographers.

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  • Dear Rennee (Kate)
    Its danika Koopmans (mom) lianne
    I can not express to you both how incredibly beautiful all”of these photos are: Absolutely STELLAR! every detail and emotion is caputured amomgst the bride the groom and each and every person within the bridal party! I am completly touched by all of the photos and I want them all! each photo tells a story and these transitions between the photos are supberb such as the dress starts the day what a brillant idea by the way to photograph…the dress and shoes .. then the photos of the bridesmaids etc and again a transition with the grooms shoes….. then the rings. I can visualize the day and how it unfolfoled so beautifully by photos concluding Danika and \jordans wedding day with them at the end of the day outside in the evening. These photos move me!!! |honestly i would not know which photos to choose if I was Danika and Jordan because they are all OUTSTANDING!
    Incredible…..well done RENEE AND KATE
    AS THE BRIDES MOM this day was one of the best days of my life and thanks for perfecting it with your expertise!
    LIANNE BUXTONReplyCancel

    • Renee

      Dear Lianne

      As a photographer it has always been my passion and goal to capture a couple’s Wedding day in such a way that years from now it will bring back all the love, joy and emotion of their incredible day. A million thank yous for your heartfelt and kind words. They mean the world to me!

      Jordan and Danika are one of the sweetest couples we have had the pleasure of photographing and I see where Danika gets her beautiful heart and soul…you! Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging message. It means so much!


    • Kate Mahaits

      Dear Lianne,

      I’d like to echo Renée’s sentiments as well… your kind words touched us deeply. Thank you.



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    What an absolutely stunning bride. I love how you captured so many different details! What a beautiful location as well. Great job!ReplyCancel

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    This was such a beautiful wedding and your photos captured it so well! Your the best!


  • […] Wedding (who I also was blessed to photograph-an amazing Wedding you must see on my other site, Wedded Bliss Photography), we were able to meet in my Vernon studio to photograph handsome little Beckett and big brother […]ReplyCancel

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Wedding Photography in Vernon doesn’t get much better than this absolutely amazing Wedding that Kate and I got to capture at Lone Pine Ranch in Vernon.

Having met when they were 15, and dating for the past 9 years, Justen and Stephanie’s love is one for the story books.

Meeting for the first time on Kal Beach for the Canada Day fireworks, they have been inseparable ever since. Guests during the reception, spoke of their contagious love for one another. Telling stories of how Stephanie  always makes sure she is home when Justen gets home from work, love notes that they leave each other and how their own love has helped mutual friends meet and start their own love story too. They have brought a number of couples together!

Their Wedding day, started with Justen getting ready at Stephanie’s parents house and all the girls getting ready at the ever lovely Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa.

The boys were gifted with engraved lighters and the girls received the most beautifully engraved pendants (that they all adorned for the Wedding) and earrings.

There was so much love present among friends and family that it made the day so joyous!

For their First look, we used a beautiful little gully near sparkling hill and minus all the snakes that we saw slithering on the rocks that appeared to be going into hibernation mode, it was the perfect moment. They were both so excited to see each and get their celebration started.  Justen’s face, when he saw Stephanie for the first, time says it all. He loves his girl with such a passion and love that it’s inspiring.

The barn at Lone Pine Ranch was also something out of a Wedding Magazine. So much love was poured into the little details and décor; from the mother of the bride creating all the florals and center pieces to the homemade raspberry jam and bottles of home made wine that went home with guests as parting celebratory gifts.

There was so much more I could say about this day, but I just want to say how thankful I am that Kate and I got to spend it with such an amazing group of people!

A big thank you to Dee and Gina at Lone Pine Ranch for bringing such an amazing venue back to life.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous location for a Wedding!


Caterer: 1609 Restaurant, Silver Star Resort, Vernon

Dress-Victoria Lane Brides, Vernon

Tux-Torino Clothing Company, Kelowna

Rings: Furmanek Jewellers

Ceremony & Reception Venue-Lone Pine Ranch, Vernon

Bride’s Pre-Wedding Venue-Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon

Photography-Wedded Bliss Photography


Wedded Bliss Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others and is a does Wedding Photography in Vernon.

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