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As a Kelowna Wedding Photographer, I have decided to interview some of the vendors that I have had the pleasure of working with when we are both a part of someone’s big day! This is a fun way for you, as a soon-to-be bride, a couple, or even those of you who just happened to stumble across this blog, to get to know who the people are behind these brilliant companies, and to get a personal view of what they went through to get to where they are today.


VENDOR: Air Waves Music

LOCATION: Kelowna, British Columbia



•Who inspires you?

Richard Branson has always inspired us. He finds a way to make doing business really fun for everyone involved, from his staff to the customer and all of his management. I really like the idea that it doesn’t have to be ‘business as usual’. You can reinvent your brand and turn your company into something personal and fun that reflects your own unique outlook on the world.


•How did you get started in the Wedding industry?

I was selling VitaminWater as a sales rep for Coca Cola one summer and I wandered into the wedding cafe. I told them I play spanish guitar and they asked me to bring in some business cards as a lot of people were looking for musicians. Soon after, I teamed up with DJ Les Darroux and we started booking more and more events.


•What has been your proudest accomplishment?

We were featured in a book called “Wind In Your Sails“. They did a case study on Airwaves and we were honoured to be in that book due to the number of other amazing entrepreneurs and companies featured in it.


•What is your mission?

To promote the concept of DJ Companies as the best solution for weddings and events. We wanted to add credibility to the industry. There are some great freelancers and some not-so-great ones. By working with a company, we feel we add a ton of accountability. We want to be a platform that gives credibility to the idea that working with a larger brand is better. We want to be the most respected DJ company in North America.


•What 3 qualities do you feel that your business/organization exemplifies?

First, we want to help others around us, especially new businesses. Starting a new business is so hard, especially in this industry. Airwaves has always wanted to be the company that helps the new guy or girl on the block. We try to do this by hosting our Wedding Industry Night Out party every year and we always make an effort to invite new businesses that are just getting started. We make a solid effort to introduce those businesses to everyone we can.

The second one is pride. We are a team. We care about one another. If a DJ on our team has a personal problem and needs to be paid early, we will pay them early. If someone on the team is going through something, we are all there for each other. We have private team groups and meetings where we share our experiences working as DJs and help each other to become better. DJs who worked with us 8 years ago who have long moved away still call me when they are in town. This isn’t just about business, it’s also about friendship. It’s a tribe.

The last one is definitely integrity. When we talk to brides-to-be on the phone about potentially booking with us, we make a lot of promises. It’s always been very, very important to me personally that we deliver on those. I care about my reputation and I feel my business is a direct reflection of the kind of man that I am. I want to deliver every time. Ideally, we are under promising and over delivering and I feel each year we get better and better at doing that.


To learn more about Airwaves, please visit us:

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