Kelowna Wedding Photographer | The Art of Second Shooters

As a Kelowna Wedding Photographer, I am sometimes asked by my clients to explain the value of what the photography industry refers to as a “second shooter.”

I thought it was time for me to create a post about not only their value but give some specific examples of what a qualified, experienced “second shooter” can bring to a Wedding day.

First off, I feel the term “second shooter” doesn’t adequately describe what the photographer who works with me does on a Wedding day.  I prefer to call them an Associate Photographer.  The oxford dictionary describes an associate thus:

  1. a partner or colleague in business or at work.

That is NOT someone who is carrying my bags, handing my clients (or myself) water, holding a reflector or “snapping” a few images when they are needed.  My associates are highly trained, skilled, creative individuals, who most often also have their own photography company and I, and my clients, are lucky enough to hire them on a weekend that they are free.

  1. connect (someone or something) with something else in one’s mind.

Now I know the previous definition doesn’t exactly fit what I am about to say, but I  feel that a great associate is also like the “verb” tense.  We actually are of one mind, and connecting on a level that creates art, through the filter each of us sees the event through.  Every photographer has their unique style, and when you take the same subjects, same moment, and put that through each artists filter….you can get some pretty divergent ideas of what the images look like, and both are equally breathtakingly beautiful and artistic.

For the client, whose budget allows the two of us to capture their day, I can not recommend my associate photographers enough. I have photographed numerous Weddings on my own, and I am skilled at doing that; but when two of us show up at a Wedding, the creativity we are unable to unleash is unmatched.  We also now have additional time and varying creativity and it is a difference that I love to be able to offer my clients.

I LOVE being a Kelowna Wedding Photographer that is able to offer their clients TWO amazing photographers on their day.  Let me know I can help plan the Wedding of your dreams with my team of professional photographers.

Thank you to Images by Bethany & Jessie Voss Photography for working with me this summer.  Here are just a few examples of us both capturing the exact moment, but with completely different artistic renderings.

Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography

Taken at Kelowna’s Delta Grand Hotel Resort

Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography 1

 Taken at Kelowna’s Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography 2

Taken at Vernon’s Sparking Hill Resort

Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography 3Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography 4Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography 5Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography 6

Taken at Vernon’s Kekuli Bay Provincial Park

Kelowna Wedding Photographer | Wedded Bliss Photography 7

Wedded Bliss Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Kelowna and Vernon shooting at locations such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Bottega Farm Inn & Studio, Elysium Gardens, Manteo Resort, Sparkling Hill, Durali Villa and others.




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